Mickey Memories #2 February

February 18th… that could only mean one thing. The release of the brand new Mickey Memories collection for February. For those of you that don’t know about this collection, in short it’s a special monthly collection (featuring a plush, pin set, and awesome stackable mug) to celebrate the king of Disney himself. Everyone’s favourite mouse, Mickey Mouse!

The February collection has just launched and I popped down to the Disney Store (check out my vlog on my YouTube channel) to pick up this beautiful set in person. There was quite a big turnout, by the time I left the store there must have been a handful of plushes left, but it doesn’t surprise me, this collection is so adorable.

Let’s start off with the plush itself, the star of the show. This month it’s a two tone bronze/gold in colour and as usual there’s no gloves on Mickey. He’s made of a velvet material which makes up his main body, and then his shorts and shoes are made of a similar velvet only it’s softer and so satisfying to the touch. I have noticed that he is slightly smaller than last months, but that doesn’t stop him from being just as cuddly (not that you would, he’s a total collector’s item!).

Just look at all the detail in his clothing. I absolutely love the Mickey waffle print that’s embedded into his clothes, the stitching is so defined and this really is what makes February’s release so special to me. Of course his tag is slightly different, it features the yellow colouring to match the plush and it’s number 2/12.


The pins are just as adorable, I love that they have included a Mickey pin which is an actual replica of the plush itself, which features all of the Mickey waffle print that’s embroidered into the plush. This theme continues to the double M in the middle again featuring the waffle print, with a Mickey profile emblem as your third addition. As usual they are highly detail and top quality pins, you wouldn’t get any less from an official Disney trading pin.

Finally… and it took me a while to actually start collecting these too, but you have the stackable mug and honestly I am so glad I got the January one too. This months is a bronze/gold ceramic mug, with that same Mickey waffle print which is textured on the body of the mug. I actually can’t wait to finish this collection so I can stack them all together.

That’s the collection guys, stay tuned for next month where I will be showcasing March (my birth month).

As usual, stay magical.

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