Primark has fallen into Wonderland…

Who remembers the Beauty and the Beast Primark hype of 2017?

I certainly do, especially when they released every character in the form of an adorable coin purse. I remember the early mornings dragging myself into Primark to beat the rush and grab my purse before they sold out within the hour.

But nevertheless, Primark is at it again. Only this time are churning out brand new coin purses for Alice in Wonderland, and let me tell you… they are ADORABLE! You all know how much I love Alice in Wonderland, it’s one of my favourite Disney classics and the merchandise you can get is well thought out, so the prospect of more Alice merch in Primark is very exciting to me.

The coin purses have officially hit shelves and are flying off as soon as they get there. I first noticed the “Drink Me” bottle purse after it was shown to me, so I went straight down the next day and to my surprise found an adorable white rabbit to go with it. I posted them on Instagram and suddenly the Disney community went into a frenzy. Little did I know it was about to get worse when Primark announced a FULL RANGE.

By the time you read this blog post, I’d have already been through the daily struggle of trying to obtain the full set, alas I was successful and I left the battlefield with nothing but a light scratch. To say these are cute is an understatement, the “Drink Me” bottle blew me away but the March Hare in the Mad Hatters hat is something else entirely. Take a look at them in detail below, and for £5 each you really can’t grumble. It’s Primark, they aren’t the best quality but the cute details in them is what makes them special. They make great collectibles, and props when you go on a Disneyland trip, I’ll certainly be bringing them with me, but in the end I’ll end up storing pins in them.

The Alice bottle is my favourite of the set, I love the glitter details and the “Drink Me” tag that’s hanging from the neck, but all have their charm from the Cheshire Cat zip tail, to the furry White Rabbit pom pom. I really hope there is a wider range to come, I know there’s a White Rabbit bag coming too which I’ll definitely be getting, but I am excited to finally see a new theme to the Primark Disney range.

Dare I say it, I actually prefer these to the Beauty and the Beast ones!

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